As one of the most competitive workforces in the global media industry, our team of talented directors, producers, and writers have strong work ethics and a passion that the Korean crews are renowned for. With both in-house staff and freelancers, our team of experts has extensive working experience in television, films, commercials, photo shoots, corporate videos, and social media.

Since every production need varies, we respond to the unique demands of your particular project and will assign the best suited candidate to get the job done. Below are one-minute clips to demonstrate the technical skills and caliber of our DOPs

International Media Department

Our international fixer team will provide a service that is guaranteed to give you a much more pleasant and smoother production process on the ground. Our bilingual producers not only act as guide and translator in a foreign setting, but can facilitate production, and can advise on etiquette and the best way to deal with different circumstances while shooting.

International Media Executive
Chris Choi (

International Project Manager
Jin Jeon (