We are the local company that facilitates and fully organizes for any kind of filming in South Korea. We are your one point of contact for film and TV production fixing, location sourcing and creative assistance. We provide production staff, gear, and bilingual guides; handle logistics and permits, transportation, accommodation, and all production needs for your film or television project. We tap into the wealth of our experienced producers and professional staff who have in-depth knowledge of local resources and widespread contacts, as well as local liaison with the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and other regional film commissions and government institutions.

We provide sharp strategic planning to execute any project with the given timeframe and budget in the most professional and effective way, to fit your specific requirements.

Crew/Technical Support

  • Providing the most suitable Director of Photography, camera, sound and lighting crew, production staff and runners
  • Providing interpreters, translators, guides, chaperones, and airport pickups
  • Sourcing the most suitable art department, makeup artist, wardrobe, caterers and security, as well as extras, crowds, models, and presenters
  • Sourcing post production services including full edit facilities, online and offline editors, sound mixers, voice over artists, captioning & subtitling operators, and final mix operators

Rental Arrangements

  • Sourcing equipment including HD camera, sound kit, jib, dolly, crane, steadicam, lighting, stage, grip and truck
  • Location and studio scouting and hire
  • Providing logistical support including transportation, car hire, chartered flights, accommodation, meals, and couriers

Documentation Assistance

  • Obtaining local filming permission, permits, and police clearance
  • Assisting with customs and immigration issues
  • Advising on VAT and tax reclaims
  • Budgeting and scheduling